Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 6- Get your kicks… and get the hell out

This morning we wake up early and decide to get a Western breakfast at the hotel. Unfortunately, our guide is meeting us at 9:30 and we end up not having enough time to make that dream come true. Instead, we grab some Starbucks and meet our guide. He is to take us to the Terra Cotta warriors- but first takes us to some lame dig site that contain nothing of interest or importance, and also a FACTORY that makes terra cotta warrior recreations. Ingrid is pissed and thinks the guide is only taking us to the factory.

Once back in our van, the English speaking guide bails, telling us he lives nearby and is going. “Good luck with the rest of your day” he says. The Chinese speaking man takes us to lunch at someone’s house, which happens to be the best meal (sauteed bok choy and trumpet mushrooms, fried rice, tofu in black bean sauce, and scallion pancakes. Umm yum) since we have arrived In China. Also, their dog Toto looks like a Teddy bear and lets me pet him for a long time, making this the best stop ever.

The terra cotta warriors are very, very cool. Not all of them have been excavated, but the ones that are really amaze me. However, they have staged some "archeologists" though out the pits, who really are just confused looking old ladies who keep poking the ground with sticks. After being swindled so much by China in general, I start to question whether or not these are even real, or if history in general has been rewritten for some extra tourism money to a small town. Regardless of my doubts, the trip is amazing and I thoroughly enjoy myself.

We are taken to the train station ... always an adventure

But we are three hours early. We walk the streets looking for liquor and are unsuccessful.

Our train car is not so bad as the first day, but does have us rooming with two random Chinese guys. They stare at us as we play UNO and drink two bottles of wine as quickly as humanly possible.

In the morning we will again be in Beijing, the city of wonderment and despair.

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