Friday, July 30, 2010

Teaching would be great if it wasn't for all the students

A couple of years ago I decided that my career path would focus on teaching. For my entire life I have tended to like things that I am GOOD at (i.e. swimming! yoga!) and HATE the things that I suck at (i.e., SOFTBALL! HOCKEY! BASKETBALL! KNITTING!). Teaching is one of those things. It's a talent of mine, so therefore I enjoy it. However, it also makes me crazy. I remember my mother coming home after a day of teaching middle school and being so cranky for the first hour or so. Or.. the rest of the week (sorry mom).

I teach master's level students, whom I would have expected to be professional, motivated and respectful. Well, I was pretty off base. This is my third year teaching in the program, and it is still possible to surprise me. Today 2 students showed up 30 minutes late for their final. When I asked them if they forgot, they said "no," sat down, and bombed the exam in 28 minutes. After grading (which I had to do already because final grades were apparently due TODAY at 5!!!!!!) I discovered that a few of the males in the class had held true to their word of not studying for lack of necessity of a good grade on this exam to achieve a high overall grade. So, these few, who are regularly outstanding students - all refused to study and took C's on this exam.

Please - bear this in mind. When you visit a health care provider- they may have very well done this same thing. These aforementioned students do not know a thing now about diabetes, pregnancy, or sex hormones. Well, great. I'm staying out of any doctor's offices until I'm about to die.

My advice of the day: do your damn work. Lazy people make me angry. Get a job.

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