Thursday, September 9, 2010

BBQ Tofu

Once upon a time I saw THIS post on This is Vegan. The memphis BBQ tofu was a recipe belonging to Vegan Dad. A lot of links in a short time, I know! Well, I've made this dish COUNTLESS times, and the BBQ sauce is just the best. Of course, I had to make it without the Jack, as I drank it all long ago. Jack really shouldn't be used for cooking, use something else that is whiskey-related. Jack is for drinking. Only.

Regardless, I make the BBQ sauce ahead of time, press the tofu (sliced into slabs) under my cast-iron skillet, then apply a rub to the tofu when it is nice and dry. For a rub I usually throw whatever I have in my spice cabinet on the tofu. Today it was - herbs de provence, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, chili powder, paprika and salt and pepper... heavy on the cayenne. I saute the tofu one side in light olive oil until all nice and fragrant, then flip it, and apply some BBQ sauce. Tonight it turned out AMAZING.

On the side, like Mary at this is vegan, I made Nava Atlas' warm potato salad and black bean salad from Vegan Express. The recipe is basically: red skinned potatoes (microwaved until done), scallions, red pepper, lemon juice, artichoke hearts and black beans. I left out the artichokes - and added a spoonful of Veganaise.

Adding to my little BBQ was some left-over baked beans I had in the freezer*, and a chopped salad (greens, red pepper, scallions, avocado, and homemade raspberry vinaigrette).

The dish below is Dave's portion, I dug into mine too quickly to remember to snap a picture. It was great! I realize the picture looks a little gooey - which reminded me of THIS.

As we all know, tonight is Jersey Shore night, so I am going to read my book until it is time for the Situation. As a side note- I did a REAL handstand in yoga today! I win!

* These beans were actually made special for me by a friend of my husband's family. She made a batch without meat, and one with meat. It was so nice I almost cried. See, my husband and I have been together for three years and no one has EVER made anything special for me. I usually just sit there and watch everyone eat steak. I bring tempeh, and they just sit there calling it "air" and laughing, while simultaneously popping Lipitor with their free hands. When my husband asks ahead if there is any food I can have, they always make sure to say "we have a cheese ball!" As we all know, there is no better Chrsitmas dinner than a nice cheese ball. This Christmas they did roll the cheese ball in chipped beef, but that's a whole different story.

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