Monday, August 9, 2010

And I was run-ning

I am no Forrest Gump. Forrest as you know, was very fast. I however, am very slow for anything over 100 meters. I used to be a sprinter and a long/triple jumper in high school - but now I am old and my knees swell up when I run. Regardless- a friend of mine is a Crossfit trainer and is running a little endurance clinic for myself and some other girls. Let me tell you, what a great workout - even if I probably appeared to be walking. It was 86-90 degrees - and I felt every bit of it. I am not going to pretend I have great temperature regulation - it sucks and I hate when it gets over 90. When I got home I walked the dog and still felt like I was going to burn up. I had been planning for days to make mashed cauliflower and potatoes - but the thought of eating something I had to boil disgusted me, as I tried to convince myself that I was not melting. A made a light (300 calorie) dinner from Vegan Express (I love this cookbook - everything is 30 minutes or less and I am hungry when I start cooking!) I scaled this WAY back to feed just myself - and ate every last bit.

Polenta, Black Beans and Greens

2 tubes polenta (each tube should = about 8 slices)
1-2 tsp olive oil
2 cloves garlic (I used one HUGE clove of elephant garlic and was very pleased)
1 can black beans
1 tsp cumin
1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes ( I didn't have any left - so I went CRAZY and used salsa!)
As much spinach as you can eat

Saute sliced polenta in one pan, about 8 minutes on each side in a little olive oil. Meanwhile, saute the garlic with remaining oil in another pan until it is fragrant. When garlic smells nice and garlic-y, add teh black beans, cumin, and tomatoes. Cook that up until it looks nice. Add the spinach, put a lid-like contraption on top of your pan and steam until spinach is just wilted. Pile 4 rounds of polenta on each plate and top with black-bean spinach mixture. I've made this before and it was good as usual.

I wanted to make some raw balls but now it is late and I need to get my Teen Mom fix. My TV watching scheudle is very shameful.


  1. woo-hoo, blog shout out to me! =)
    I'm not sure if you knew this or not, but eating a big helping of protein after running helps a lot with recovery. Something about running basically tricking your metabolism into eating your muscles instead of using fat. I see that your meal had beans, but since I don't do the bean thing, I wasn't really sure just how much protein is in beans compared to like a chicken breast. I've got this awesome egg white protein powder that I put into 100% fruit juice for a recovery drink. It tastes all creamy and milkshake like, without the dairy. Do you do eggs at all?

  2. I sometimes eat eggs- beans are my go-to protein source after tofu. A serving of beans has about 25 g of protein, while a chicken breast has about 30 g - so not that far off!That powder sounds interesting! Sometimes I do the chocolate soymilk-peanut butter-1/2 banana smoothie which is AWESOME!