Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The most INSANE oatmeal of all time.

I am back home from my whirlwind weekend in New York. Leaving home always sucks - I miss my family, my friends, the weather, my parent's pool, and the free food! The one thing I don't miss is cooking my own stuff. My first day home my mom had croissants. I love criossants, but I can never eat them because my whole life is a diet. I usually have smoothies or oatmeal for breakfast - or sometimes only coffee. Before I left - I discovered the wondrous oatmeals of Chocolate-Covered Katie. Oh my goodness. Tofu, fruit, cooked oatmeal and creamer blended together for breakfast into a mousse-style dessert? Oh my goodness, again.

I had just bought two quarts of strawberries when I saw this post. The recipe calls for Bulgur, of which I had none, so I used oatmeal, and her trick for cooking the oats. I could NOT wait to get home and make this awesome oatmeal again. Sometimes you just have to be late for work to enjoy some good breakfast.
My messy bowl that I ate at my computer!

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