Monday, August 9, 2010

Quick Quesadillas and vampires

Sunday is True Blood night... obviously. After drinking way too much wine and staying over AT the winery (problem?) - Sunday was a rough morning. I felt bad melted into my couch, watching RELIGULOUS. So I ventured out to a friend's pool, to lay in the sun there, and felt pretty good about myself! I left the house - hooray! Pool time was followed by a quick Sunday gym session - leaving me very little time to make dinner and head over to another dear friend's house for our precious TRUE BLOOD viewing! (What is Bill still doing there? Come on Eric, move!)

I threw together a recipe from Vegan Express- mushroom, broccoli and black bean quesadillas. (Pool friend said she was making them and I got jealous). They are supposed to be on huge 12 inch tortillas, but I just used standard whole wheat fajita size ones.

Basically, mix some black beans together with some salsa (I mashed the black beans). Meanwhile, steam the mushrooms and broccoli in a little water. Fill up a tortilla with your nice little mixture and fold over - bake at 450 for 10 minutes. Nava suggests topping the quesadillas with a roasted red pepper sauce, which I will definitely try next time. I added a simple green salad and I made it in time to see Bill return to Bon Temps.

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