Monday, August 30, 2010

Tofu Etouffee

Some days the universe aligns to find a perfect meal. I always end up buying different produce at the store - of which I need a very small amount for a recipe. I refuse to let food go to waste- so today I was trying to use up: red potatoes, celery, one green pepper, one lone tofurkey sausage, and some tofu. I went to Vegan Dad - one of my very favorite recipe sites. I searched for a tofu meal - and lo and behold - found one that I had EACH AND EVERY ingredient for. This very rarely happens! The quick and easy tofu etouffee turned out awesome! (Dave put his over brown rice, I can't take too much starch).

Speaking of starch- I had some potatoes I really need to use up as well. I have no idea why I grabbed so many. I went to the quick recipe section of Nava Atlas' Vegan Express. The paprika sauteed potatoes sounded awesome- and tasted great as well. Basically you take red skinned potatoes that have been microwaved until soft, slice them, and sautee in olive oil with some garlic until browned. When browned add some paprika and scallions and you're set. And my fridge is a little emptier - making me a little happier! The all day Ron Hawkins marathon helped also. I miss Canadian music so much!

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