Monday, August 23, 2010

Staying away from work

Everyone has some interesting personality quirks. One of mine is that I constantly feel the need to be at work- even if I am not working. Human research is a lot of hard work, punctuated by long, extended periods in which there is very little to do. I remember when I first switched to human work one of the directors pointed this out to me- and told me it was important to keep myself motivated through these lulls. Well, right now I am in one of those down times. I am writing, but writing is a long process, especially when you are only writing to please your advisor on a weekly basis - and you cannot turn in work within less than a week, because it is unacceptable. Anyway - it's 9:45am, I woke up at 6 this morning to drive back from Chapel Hill. Because sometimes a one day vacation is better than nothing.

I am sitting here riddled with guilt because I feel that I need to be at work right now. What do I have to do today you ask? I have a meeting at 3 about a course I am a part of teaching. I also am having lunch with a friend. Additionally, I have some addresses at work I need to add to thank yous before I can send them out. My work consists only of a back and forth with my advisor about a draft I am preparing.

Do I have any work to do? No. I finished it last week, and have to wait until TOMORROW at two to submit it. Why do I feel I need to go to work then? My advisor doesn't know if I am there or not, I have nothing productive to do.... who knows. All I know is that it is Monday - and I already need another mini vacation.

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