Friday, August 27, 2010

It's the little things....

I have been working on a draft of a protocol (an outline of a study to submit to a university, who judges it ethical or not) for about 6 weeks. I have written 2 before, without problem or any major concerns. When my advisor, amongst the list of three other things he had given me to work on for the upcoming week, told me to "start a protocol" I made the mistake of saying "oh sure, no problem, that won't take me long! I have it all written in my grant anyway." Something inside of him must have said "no problem? We'll see about that!"

Needless to say, six weeks of nitpicking away at sentence length and left justification - I got the okay to hand it in. He called me up for our weekly meeting, and when I opened the door, just said "this wont' be long, you're good to go." And actually shooed me away with his hand. That is pretty good for positive reinforcement from him in my experience. Later, he accused me of copying my work from my lab mate - though in reality I copied my OWN work from the past two I have successfully completed. But that's a whole other annoying story, which ends with him saying "oh, my bad." My bad? First of all- why would you accuse me of not doing my own work after 3 years of independent work, and secondly - who the hell says "my bad?" Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, that's who!

Well, after being accused of blatant plagiarizing, I lost my appetite. Husband decided he wanted to cash in the raincheck on margaritas, so we had a great mexican dinner. They apparently had no dessert, so we went to a local gelato place for another beer - and gelato obviously. One of the flavors - avocado! I asked to sample it, and it was super good! So I went with it and I suggest you do the same should you ever encounter it!

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